TERMS AND CONDITIONS – The Driving Anxiety Coach

This may seem little tedious but is essential all clients read these as payment of the first deposit is acceptance of these terms and conditions. These may sound a little heavy in places but they help manage everyone’s expectations.  Some parts are law and others are for fairness for both client and business owner.

Let’s start with the Payments and Cancellations bit:

  • Payments

On-road clients are required to pay 50% of their training session upon booking their first  / or next appointment.

The balance is to be paid no later than seven days prior to the appointment.

(Failure to pay the deposit promptly may result in the appointment to not be reserved and offered to another client).

Bank details will be provided to transfer payment. (We can accept PayPal if preferred).

You will be prompted by text or WhatsApp message when your payment is next due. Please make prompt payment once this message is received.

(Failure to pay the balance promptly may result in the appointment to not be reserved and offered to another client and the deposit cannot be refunded).

  • Cancellations (for on-road and distance coaching clients)

We require a minimum of seven days’ notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment.  Cancellations made within this timeframe will be charged.

(We do realise that things happen such as illness and other curveballs, so please do call or text as soon as you can).

Adverse Weather: Please do not assume your session is cancelled in the case of adverse weather.  We will liaise together and make a judgement based on the health and safety of both client, trainer, car and other road users.  Should the client cancel, the session may still be charged for as stated above.

(The initial two session package with driving journal is a complete package. Refunds cannot be given once the first session has taken place).

And now the legal bits:

  • The vehicle:

Coaching sessions will take place in the clients’ own vehicle.  This must be legal and fit for purpose.  Prior to commencement of on road sessions you will be asked to provide the vehicle details so the necessary on-line checks for MOT, Tax and Insurance can be done.

We will also check the vehicle on day for tyre wear and tear and lights etc. (We reserve the right to cancel, and charge should the vehicle fail these checks, so for peace of mind, help and guidance with tyre checking please visit: www.tyresafe.org

  • Fit to Drive

It is necessary that all clients are fit for their on-road sessions.  This means being well rested, (yes, we know!) and free from taking any medication that may warn of drowsiness or impair your driving performance.  (Apologies, but we have to say the next bit too…) If the presence of alcohol is detected, we will refuse to conduct the on-road session and payment cannot be reimbursed. Please see: www.morning-after.org.uk

General Health – Please inform us of any allergies / illnesses you may suffer from, ie: asthma. Please bring along relevant medication, ie: Inhalers / EpiPens.

  • Eyesight Check

The legal minimum distance all drivers must be able to read a number plait from is 20.5 meters away and this will take place just prior to going out in your vehicle.  Once again, please note we cannot refund you within seven days prior to your on-road session, so do double check in good time before confirming your on-road sessions.

Stuff to know:

  • Session Times

Sessions will vary from 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon the client location and requirements.  Your trainer will endeavour to arrive prompt for your session, however, please allow for traffic problems.  We will also try to keep you updated if this becomes the case.

Your session will start when your trainer arrives at the agreed location.


Distance Coaching Package (on-line video call) clients to pay 100% from time of booking for all coaching sessions.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling remain the same as the on-road requirements as stated above.
  • All four video sessions are required to be completed within an eight week period from confirming bookings and making payment. (Unless there are extenuating circumstances and by agreement with TDAC)
  • The four session package, including the driving journal is a complete package and should a client wish to not complete the four video calls once sessions have been started, we are unable to refund the remainder of the incomplete sessions.
  • However:
    • Should the Driving Journal have been posted, but the client decides to change their mind before the first video call has commenced, and outside of the seven day notice requirement, the client can be refunded either:
      • After returning the Driving Journal minus the postage and admin fee.
      • Or keep the Driving Journal for future use and be refunded minus costs for Driving Journal, postage and admin.


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