"I contacted Diane for refresher driving sessions due to being involved in 2 very similar car accidents caused by other drivers and resulting in me becoming very scared of even being in a car, let alone driving one.
Diane’s unique CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach to driving rehabilitation really impressed me and she was also very happy to speak directly with my CBT therapist to make a proper plan of action between the 3 of us.
I then had 8 x 1.5 hour sessions with Diane and other coordinated CBT sessions in-between and my driving skills and confidence have grown immensely.
Diane is extremely skilled at helping people return to driving, keeping them calm and concentrating on the right things. Especially involving fear of being involved in further accidents.
I would definitely recommend Diane to anyone looking to get back on the road, especially after being involved in traumatic accidents as she has helped me tremendously."

Many Thanks, Stephen

"Diane, you’re not curing cancer, but you have made a huge difference to my life so far. I wouldn’t be able to drive to work without your help. Thank you.

Joe - Brill

"Diane has completely changed my view of driving she helped me address my anxiety with useful tips and vastly improved my confidence and driving ability. I am now able to take my parents to hospital appointments, taxi for daughter and friends and am now able to drive to visit my best friend. Motorways were a big deal for me and we overcame that too! I can’t recommend Diane enough and as much as I dreaded driving when I started with Diane I very much enjoyed our 90 mins in the car!"
Overcome your fears of driving
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