I recently had an epiphany! I posted a blog last September about tackling my own fear of swimming in open Read more
Breathing techniques can be particularly effective in addressing vehophobia and driving anxiety. Read more
One of my clients recently admitted they felt disappointed that they still felt spikes of anxiety when they drove even Read more
People often wonder how I can help them if I’ve never suffered with driving anxiety.  This is a common misconception Read more
Experiencing a panic attack or high levels of anxiety while driving can be a terrifying and debilitating experience. It can Read more
The Paradox of Resistance: When What You Resist Persists Have you ever noticed that the more you resist something, the Read more
As it’s Mental Health Awareness week I wanted to touch base and discuss how so many people find talking about Read more
You may already have heard about the benefits of journaling as there is much evidence-based research that shows this can Read more
I went away over the Easter break to The Netherlands and toured across the country on my push bike.  The Read more
Welcome to British Summer Time. Pity the weather didn’t get the memo on Sunday.   The view from my home Read more
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