Exposure Therapy by Micro-stressing

Welcome to British Summer Time. Pity the weather didn’t get the memo on Sunday.


The view from my home village windmill is amazing on a good day, spanning over Buckinghamshire and I’ve been lucky enough to see it on better days.


The reason I was there today was to speak with the volunteers who run the mill about having some of my forthcoming wedding photos taken from the windmill’s balcony. 


My problem is I don’t do heights. I’ve posted about this before as a few years ago I did manage to Ab-sail 100 meters down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and while I felt amazing after I had completed it. However, I haven’t done it again since, and hence if I attempted it again I would probably feel as petrified as if it were my first time. 


So to be able to stand on this balcony in the summer looking radiant, happy and confident I need to be exposed regularly to being here. 


Micro-stressing my brain with Exposure Therapy is the only way I’m going to overcome the dizziness and wobbly legs I feel when I stand here.  Just doing this once and not doing it again for a few weeks will not reduce the fear. 


I don’t feel comfortable doing this either, neither do I expect the discomfort to go away entirely. But I do expect to be able to cope with it and not over think the whole situation. 


I’ll post updates from time to time to show you my progress. 

(By doing this I’m also making myself accountable to you). 


Whether it’s heights or driving over a bridge, driving down hill, a motorway or whatever it is that triggers discomfort, the ONLY way you are ever going to overcome this is to do it.  Feel the fear and do it anyway and by micro-stressing your brain you will slowly desensitise. As time goes by you will slowly feel less uncomfortable. 


Also making a commitment to others makes you more accountable and do you’re more likely to continue, and so you’re more likely to continue. 


We can do this together! 

Baby steps!

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