What is Exposure Therapy?

“It is a technique in behaviour therapy to treat anxiety disorders. It involves exposing the client to the issue source or its context without the intension to cause harm. Over time, people find their reactions to the situation decreases.” That’s what a google search would come up with.
Stress itself is healthy and we need it to get by, but it needs to be managed.
🏋️‍♀️. If we stress our muscles through exercise they get stronger, but you wouldn’t walk into a gym and start lifting weights beyond your capability. Indeed, this would cause you harm and you probably wouldn’t go back. But by exposing your muscles regularly through gentle repetitions you can gain strength.
🌳 Just as a tree grows stronger in the wind for the next wind to come. But again if the wind was too strong it would break.
🚙 Exposure to driving roads clients are not comfortable driving on requires regular and gentle exposure to build up to feeling less uncomfortable each time. Again, over doing it would not be helpful but bit by bit #BabySteps, we can change your behaviour, your beliefs and your story.
🥺 It’s easy to get frustrated or impatient to be able to do more and get back to where you used to be before the anxiety / phobia took a hold of you, but patience is the key. #onedayatatime

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